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Reviews for "Webcam Confessions"

I am....Something....

Yes. It is true. We all are. Yes. Hm.....

Im gonna say an 8. pretty good.


a funny flash! do more

"This really was... something..."

Hm.... this will be hard to review...

Graphics- 9 (great as always)

Sound- 8

Humor- 4 (Where is the punchline?)

Style- 6 (although a bit on the morbid lonelygirl15 era, a video like this on youtube would gross... about 159 views)

Interactivity- Oh, who am I kidding, Interactivity belongs in either games,or flashes with easter eggs

Overall-7 (Either you or the song could be better [No offense to both parties]


oo.... dude ....his mother haves just a towel on her!

Ok really freaky more than funny

kinda funny when he got too close to the webcam and his mom came in! but apart from that he looked insane!