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Reviews for "Webcam Confessions"


Very well made creation and pretty funny. The guy just ranting about "stuff". Heh.


Euhm. Ignoring the last review... Awesome! I love your style. Love your bi-polar character... Or maybe just contradictional problems.But love it. Nice animation. Good voice actor.


Well, the final made me laugh, but it could be longer.

squeakytoad responds:

It's called a "cartoon short" for a reason.

Musing about existence

Well, the philosophy aside, this is a great flash. Did you do the voice yourself, or did you just find the audio / video from some disturbing place on the internet.

I like how it's done, the animation style is great and the webcam moving at the start is just so true! Regardless of if you've left the webcam alone beteween sessions, you'll never be able to get it right straight away.

Well observed and kudos to you for the soft-focus work with the girl in the towel at the bedroom door.

Looking forward to seeing more of your work in the future


Was this real? Like a real, actual video before ot was flashatized? Would be funny if it was.. But alltogether a good effort.