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Reviews for "Webcam Confessions"

I enjoyed that.

There was something about this which just made it great to watch. I think it's a combination of the sound and light colours. It would probably have been hillarious had I been hip and known about the whole blog thing... Either way, this is a fun cartoon which should definately make you smile. I know I did!


I rather enjoyed that. It is for that reason I don't watch YouTube, but I do blog.

I truely feel YouTube would be a much better place if the inempt (I/m not saying I'm any better) section of the video blogger scene would stay away. Half of them you can't even make out because they either talk to loud or too low so no one else in the house can hear them.

For 2 days worth of work it was good. No Retarted Animal Babies but worth a view.

squeakytoad responds:

Don't you mean "No Retarded Animal Babies and therefore worth a view." ;)

No offense toward, Dave. I'm just not one of those people that cracks up upon hearing genitals mentioned.

Thanks for the review.

Made me laugh

That was pretty funny, I liked how you drew the animations, it was very precise and on time. That audio clip was really clear too. It didn't really go anywhere though, even though you can only animate as much as their is audio. You might want to put up a link to the page, it'll make it funnier and easier to understand that way.


I think you should give more credit to Andrew for that audio..maybe throw up a link to his website in your description perhaps?


It was... strange. Definitely original. Decent graphics. Didn't make a whole lotta sense though. Decent overall...