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Reviews for "Orbis Impetus"


This was great! I have an obsessive love for particle effects (see my latest movie) and this was full of them. It was a little bit like snake, but the controls were amazingly easy to use. I loved the pastel colors too. The music was alright, kind of generic and loopworthy, but it was a suitable choice for the game. I'm going to fave this!


Quite a nice game!Catch circles while avoiding stars...could be a hard game if added more stars=P.Nice Work!


Kinda like crazy Snake....


This is a pretty cool and addictive little game. I'm number 30 on the highscores! Right on. :)
Really nice graphics. I can't say anything about sound though, cuz I didn't have my speakers on.

Great arcade-style gaming

This is a really good game. I enjoyed it a lot and I think you've got the difficulty level just right. Well done :)

1. The overall pace could be slightly faster - especially at higher levels.
2. I've played this three times and on one occasion the game simply stopped creating more circles at the end of level 6 - I sat around dodging stars for a while then gave up. I thought this was a bug but then noticed a similar thing at the end of level 23 that turned out to be due to a white enemy off-screen that just didn't come back for a very long time - so perhaps you should restrain their out-of-sight travel a bit more.