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Reviews for "Orbis Impetus"


This was great! I have an obsessive love for particle effects (see my latest movie) and this was full of them. It was a little bit like snake, but the controls were amazingly easy to use. I loved the pastel colors too. The music was alright, kind of generic and loopworthy, but it was a suitable choice for the game. I'm going to fave this!


nice stuff but one bug:
at level 8. the cirkles whoes try to avoid you stay somethimes outside the area


Kinda like crazy Snake....


after the planet game it just didn't seem that great. But it was graphically met just as it was boasted. And as a comparison it had decent music backing it up, but a contrast it could of used some wierd noise for when you collected the circles.


This is a pretty cool and addictive little game. I'm number 30 on the highscores! Right on. :)
Really nice graphics. I can't say anything about sound though, cuz I didn't have my speakers on.