Reviews for "You'll Never Guess This! ~P~"


This game TRULY deserves to be on Epic Battle Fantasy 3 {my personal fave!! XD}


This song is very cool, I can't wait to hear the soundtrack for EBF4!


Epic Boss Battle theme is Epic!

oh you... XD

You came up with the best song title i've seen! haha *gratz for that

The song is pretty good itself. seriously... I LOL'ed when I hear the song. Great job! (mainly on the title! XD)

This is epic.

i am gonna try to guess this, cuz it sounds so familiar.
I'm guessing its a bgm from a megaman x game, playstation era. more specifically either 5 or 6. just a guess, could be wrong but who cares, its awsome :P 10/10 5/5