Reviews for "You'll Never Guess This! ~P~"

Epic song, especially against the Pyrohydra. I died once against it on hard mode, but I didn't mind because of this song. Well done. :)

That's funny, the music is like a day for an adventurer - you'll see:
0-28 - the person is dreaming vivid dreams
28-56 - the person is getting ready for the day ahead
56-1:25 - the adventurer has an eventful day of fighting enemies and getting treasure
1:25-1:52 - the adventurer had a long day and is very tired, therefore going to sleep
1:52-2:19 - the person has dreams of his adventures
then the song repeats

epic and how ddo i download it

Nice Song You got There <3

Good and eic music, in Epic Battle Fantasy 3 (EBF 3), i can´t defat the 3 hydra's on Volcano Peak! Abyys dooms, Blaze dose much damage, and Czars heals?! I work harder but I am still losing on them! Anyone have and trick?