Reviews for "You'll Never Guess This! ~P~"

correct me if im wrong

but isn't this used for battling blue and red clays? I just started so yeah


I have two words to say: Truly epic.

P.S: Please DO correct me if I'm wrong, but some of the background noises are not audible in EBF3, whereas it's audible here. Is it because of the compression involved in the flash game?


I just had to click on it because I was wondering if I could guess. Sure enough, I beat Epic battle fantasy III so I knew it right off the bat. Never thought I'd get to see the person who made the tune. You did a fantastic job with it and it felt great in the game. Felt totally appropriate...like beyond appropriate even. Perfect.

Keep up the good work.

I believe i can guess this :P

If i didnt know any better id say this a theme used in one of my favorite video games on the NES, The Guardian Legend. Splended work on a re-creation.

Phyrnna responds:

This is actually completely original... I haven't heard of that game before.

I forgot to post this when i first heard this!

OMG this is like an epic battle music mostly for bosses. besides the song the game was epic and the music went right along with it! Thank u Phyrnna (Halcyonic FalconX) for making awesome music forsuch an awesome game. and btw I did guess it. I just cant stop listenin to this