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Reviews for "- Heli Invasion II -"

w00t!!! CNC MUSIC RULES!!!

Good game but it needs a save function and some more stuff.

You put Hell March Remix in survival mode YAY:)(::)(:

Pure Gold.

This game was very nice, the sound was great, the difficulty was just right, and the upgrades were plenty and served me well.

PROS: Graphics were nice.
Sound was phemoninal.
Difficulty stting was just right.
Upgrades were plentiful and restricted, which is great.

And the depth of rhe game just took me in and kept me playing for hours. With practice I made it to level 18.

CONS: The FPS rate slows in the higher levels.
The store will only let you get close to the maximum upgrades.
And the last little cons is that the music when the game is closed stays and plays on the computer even when all applications are off.

Great game, 5/5


after level 11 , i was just sitting there eating my breakfast watching my aa's and machine guns killing everything in like a flash...the helis come out they die like in 1 second

Too easy... But fun

At level 13 i dont have to fire a single shot anymore :)

love love love it

best game on the site woohoo i love it best game ever it rules