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Reviews for "- Heli Invasion II -"




Okay, good game really, but that name heli invasion, 1 heli for every 100 men RETARDED NAME, and then to top it all off you can't really buy strong enough upgrades to keep up with the men even though this is a helichopter invasion, by god your automated weapons destroy the heli's quicker than I can say this game sucks, and yes I made it quite a few waves past the final upgrade I was able to purchase I found myself aiming my weapon DOWN not UP like the name of the game, HELI not MAN invasion...... be warned.... this game is horrible, at first I was like this game is friggin awesome, but near the end I was like this game is retarded beyond words... play the game yourself and you will see what I mean, hey btw watch out for the heli's they will.... well.... they will.... they WONT DO SHIATITAT BECAUSE THIS GAME IS REALLY NOT-A-Heli Invasion II instead it is MAN-I-Vasion II


its stupid reasons why 1.you have only 15 secs to buy stuff 2.its almost imposible how can you shoot men and helicopters at the same time? 3.the graphics arent good enough 4.i dont like the idea that you have to shoot enemies yourself 5.because its hard you could put cheat modes in and im sure this game would get more votes its more fun like that and if you cant beat the game on normal mode you would pick the cheat mode to complete the game in the cheat mode you could put something like $1000000 money,invincibility,weak enemies and so on on my personal opinion i really hate this game


it was easy too easy and it was too simple

i think this game......

I think this game sucks it's way to easy for awhile then instant pownage on me and when i look at the hi score list i was like what the hell!! how do people get 16777215 on level one of survival, so there are obviously cheats for this or something, it's a rip off.

also why the hell do army men go in with what appear as chainsaws or no weapons at all what the hell makes no sense makes no sense at all.

One last thing is i think since it is heli invasion make the soldiers get dropped off by a heli or something. because now it is just invasion in my eyes.

you can hate me all you want I am just getting my point across.