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Reviews for "- Heli Invasion II -"

i quite liked this game

wow great music

Good Game

This game was really good. It was fast paced with good graphics and upgrades. The only thing is that it got pretty boring shooting all the Helicopters and people after about the 20th level. Then you just want to give up because you have everything upgraded and a whole lot of cash sitting around. Either than that great game and make some more.

lots of CASSSHH

it was fun.. esp when u have all upgrades and seeing all the cash come in.. pretty gfun but very easy and gets boring

yeah kept me busy

i wouldnt say its the best game but it sure as hell saved my ass from getting up and doing the damm laundry


This was a good game, entertaining, imaginative, nice ^^ but it did dissapoint me after playing it 4 like 2 minutes, i mean, it gets monotom and boring.... anyway, u just keep that industrious work ^^