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Reviews for "- Heli Invasion II -"

Fun but nothing much to do.

It was fun until I bought all the turrets where I don't have to do anything anymore.
The game also gets repetitive over time.
The enemies varieties aren't impressive too.

Take care of those and you have a decent game.

Fun, but way too easy.

It was enjoyable, but after a few levels I didn't even have to control my turrent anymore. My defenses did everything for me.

good but needs updating :)

could use some more oponents and maby i bit better grafics :)

Good, but repetitive

I very much enjoy the play style of the game, but once your get to a good defence, it's just to easy. Maybe some new copters?

not bad

Good game with a nice leveling system. However, I found it was let down by the repetitive game play and lack of different backdrops. After i had my AA guns maxed out there was very little challenge.