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Reviews for "- Heli Invasion II -"

goodjolly fun

its gr8 for defense lovers

Too easy... But fun

At level 13 i dont have to fire a single shot anymore :)


The gun couldnt aim all the way down, so if anything got past its aiming point, it was left up to the completely worthless tower gunman. It looked stupid, got boring, and wasn't really any fun at all.

Good until...

Your base gets swarmed with infantrymen. It's supposed to be HELI Invasion... and yet I get to level, I think, 19 and my base gets overrun by dudes with bazookas and chainsaws. The air defense is more than enough to thwart any and all air attacks... but not even a fully upgraded base chaingun can keep the infantry away. As I said, it's good... until it's impossible.

Decrease the amount of footmen, or increase the rate in which the tower nests can fire... all *five* of them.

Entertaining...for about 1 minute.

Cool idea, stupid looking, that caliber of bullet should be destroying everything. Dumb game.