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Reviews for "- Heli Invasion II -"

Good game, but gets really stupid later on

extremely fun game, really good for defense addicts, but there are many flaws. The most annoying is the high score board doesn't work, as well as there is a limit to the number of upgrades, making the game impossible. There are also to many ground units, and helis are to easy to kill. Good game, that also sucks in a way.

Found a glitch! :3

When you destroy an Helicopter, press immediately the "quit" button, the helicopter standing on the main menu. lol

However, good game. :)


quite good but i mean it's just dum how you have a time limit to buy stuff. good game. the shooting animation sucked though.


Fun. Very addicting but only on your first play. On your first time playing this game you get easily hooked because you dont know YOUR ABOUT TO GET BLOWN THE FRICK AWAY!! Seriuosly though, later in the game you are throttled by intense firefights and a barrage of badly animated soldiers and cheesy helicopters! (joke)

However, if you try to play this a second or third time you can anticipate the coming bloodfest, decreasing its fu n capacity.


Hey men this is amazing, is very adicting, congrat men...