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Reviews for "Haunted Guitar [Gian]"

Really like it

I don't what you have been through...
But you have created an awesome piece of music my friend!
Thanks for helping me out!
You are a fine human being!

Good stuff keep creating music you have real talent!
5/5 10/10

Gian responds:

Thanks buddy. I'm glad you enjoyed this one :)

10/10, 5/5, added to my playlist

This song is incredible. It really is haunting, the different ominous sounding tracks building upon each other, changing scene like a movie shot in one cut. From :58-1:20, I didn't realize what the building sound was, as if it was an otherworldly creature. Then, bam, it switches to a guitar, as if it's been a guitar the whole time. Then the drums come in, creeping behind you at 1:28, setting a suspenseful beat, guitar distorting along with it. Then the chorus of other sounds to begin to play and break down, to a haunting melody and calm quiet. Then bam, more guitar, like a pack of wolves, howling at the moon.

It's been added to my playlist of notable techno. Great blippin job.

Gian responds:

Wow, that's an awesome way too look at this song. I love to hear how people react to my creations, and you didn't disappoint, great review. Thanks a lot Mr!

A pack of wolves howling, that was great.

Good song

Some of it remind me of halo theme song strangely (at the beginning)
Else that's a very strange and disturbing song, which makes it unique to me !

Mind=Blown; An Experimental Masterpiece

Your piece of art here really took me places. It was a ride along creepy and macabre landscapes.

I listen to all kinds of music; from genres that most people haven't heard of or don't care about. I listen to a good deal of underground music, whether it's punk or metal or electronic, etc. but I also listen to a lot of experimental music, whether it be neofolk, post-rock, noise, ambient, dubstep, glitch, industrial, etc. I enjoy listening to really weird, dreamy out-there type stuff from time to time.

Your piece really captured the beauty of experimental music and was quite dark and I loved every bit of it. Parts made me think of noise while other parts made me think of dubstep and others, ambient, etc. It just had a lot of great elements in one song from different genres and you really just made something glorious and beautiful and full of depth and feeling.

I loved the dreamy background, I loved the heavy use of distortion on parts, I loved the keyboard, I just thought it was excellently done and had a great use of dissonance and atonality at parts.

And man, did it sound haunting.

Gives an extreamly unnerving effect...

The begining makes me picture a group of zombie survivors leaving an infected city, only to be attacked by a huge group of them out in the country roads. The ending gives me the feeling that they didnt survive or that one of them barely survive and makes it on foot only to be a carrier of the desise and infect a new city.