Reviews for "Defend Atlantis"

Great Game

Great job dude this was a great game i thought it was funny to watch the little scuba divers swim around and then they get crushed poisoned or blown up lol


An original concept, with an easy goal that is very addictive.

Congrats on the edge article


i actually think you should make the game a little more difficult! or add difficulties. whoever thought that was tough needs to rework their mouse, because i successfully beat the game on the first try without even losing any health.

anyways, it was an overall very good game, i was actually pretty impressed. while reading the description i was thinking "bubbles.. what the fuck??" but you surprised me. this is one of the most original games ive played - or at least it seems to be. whether or not you got the idea from something else is beyond me, but it was refreshing and i very much enjoyed it.

i think, however, the shockwave bubble was a bit retarded - i found now use for it. some of the early bubbles were better used than the others - i was able to implement the metal one very easily and didnt really need ANY of the other bubbles, except maybe the shrinking bubble once or twice to conserve air.

but i think thats a good sign - the only things i can think about your game that need tweaking are the balance and the ... well just the balance :) keep it up!

1 minor thing: It's too short!!

Make more levels!!! It's very addictive and fun, but it's over too soon!

Cool game

Game was really cool and bubble idea was awesome! Music was little boring but sounds of bubbles great.