Reviews for "Defend Atlantis"

A great game best played with a Cintiq/Tablet PC

I really liked the added story telling and different levels of bubbles. The game play was rather unique whereas it allowed us to practice our circle making skills. I am not sure how well this would be liked with a regular mouse but this game is ideal for a tablet, Cintiq, or Tablet PC. I felt the challenges were decent and innovative.

My only concern is I never knew how bad Atlantis was after a successful attack from an enemy. Also this game could have direly used a score method for people to try to get high scores.

Its a rather nice game with very unique features and a well welcomed game for Newgrounds!

Overall an orginally defence game.

This wasn't just another defend boring city type of game. I thought it was very original and overall a great game. It was the perect dificulty level for me, but it may help if you added a scale of difficulty (easy,medium,hard ect.) I think that would improve this and make it an even better game. Great job by the way!

great game!

very fun and creative game and i love the music!

A great game!

Perfect concept and very well made. Make it 5 or 6 times more difficult and it will be perfect.


This game is INTENSE ;D
Played it for longer than i'd like to admit and i envy your creativity and ability to make completely out of the box games
bubble types are awesome
my favorites are Shockwave, Shrink and Metal.