Reviews for "Defend Atlantis"

Absolutely original, new idea!

+Original weapon;
+Playing requires nice reaction, fast-thinking and sometimes logic;
+Pretty graphics;
+Interesting gameplay;
+Perfect physics engine;

-The game looks unfinished for several reasons (read lower);
-Some upgrades are almost useless.

Defend Atlantis sounds like another defense game, but when you start playing it you’ll understand that it brings a lot of fresh ideas into the old genre which was left without innovations for a couple of years.

As usual, you play as you controlling the large gun (well, otherwise, this wasn’t a defense game) thanks which the Atlantis will be saved. The main idea of the game is that the cannon you use is not actually a gun. It creates bubbles (you’re drawing them by yourself) around enemies or other attacking objects affecting them in many ways.

There are a lot of kinds of bubbles. You begin with primary, normal bubble which simply doesn’t let anything or anyone go. To create bubbles you’ll need a resource, which is air here. More powerful bubbles will use more of this resource, so at the last few levels you will be more careful with it. During the game the air bar slowly restores as you use it. You can also get some air back by popping (clicking) the useless bubbles: the ones you have created accidentally or the ones which became useless for some reasons.

As you go through the 6 levels of fun the new types of bubbles and larger sizes of them will be unlocked. It looks like the authors didn’t have enough ideas about that because after unlocking certain kind of bubble some other type can become completely useless. For example, you’ll stop using the poisoning bubble after you have unlocked the squishing one: it’s effect is even faster and it restores the air automatically (to return the air from the poisoning one you will have to click it).

As the story gets further it gets more intense and interesting: to stop a mine you will have to use the metal bubble, for divers – poisoning or squishing, normal for cans with toxic waste etc. Sometimes I got really dizzy with that, because the enemies keep coming faster and faster and sometimes you just can’t figure out which bubble you have to use.

The game also requires logical thinking, because sometimes you can get rid of the enemies by making the explosive items collide with something else. Thanks to a perfect physics engine, you can think of different ways of exploding your enemies.

The frustrating thing is a fact that the game looks unfinished. First of all, it’s too easy: the possibility of difficulty level selection should be added. The story mode is not the only gaming mode, after its completion you can enjoy the endless Free Play, but actually there’s no sense of playing it because there’s no ability of earning points for the stuff you do and this really frustrates. Sometimes you try to put several objects into one bubble and the game won’t even consider this as a combo.

Although, Defend Atlantis is a great game with several interesting innovations, so if you are a fan of defense games, you should really try playing it. And even if you’re not, or you even hate the defense games for their monotony, you have to play it anyway. It has a lot of bright ideas!

I like this game

You guys are great authors, I like this game, and its very addicting.


The game is suprisingly good. At first I was first trying it just to see what it was. It is one of the best games I have ever played. When I saw that it was SFB I knew that it had to be good.

One thing: I think that shockwave bubbles and explosive bubbles should have been switched, making it explosioin bubbles last. I say this because everything became a lot simpler, you just make a really small explosive bubble right under a sub and BOOM! theyre gone. Otherwise, EXTREMELY good. SFB is a mark of quality. Seriously.


awesome game
very original, i never would of thought of it
i like how there was a new weapon every level to make it easier and the bubble drawing was cool also

keep up the good work


Thats guys mouth kept moving even after he was talking!