Reviews for "Defend Atlantis"

Great fun!

Very interesting game! It's rather addicting. The only problem is that the really awesome bubbles you get on the last levels take so much air that their almost useless. I just wish you could use them more, and still have a challenging game. Really great!

Very fun and unique!

Over all I would say this is a good game. The only reason I gave you a 7 and not a higher score is that I felt it didn't have a lot of replay value. I think that is very important when making game since its pretty wasteful to make a game that people only play once and then forget about it.


I ca see that you are very creative and it is a good GAME.


a practice mode where you can spawn and create enemies,and be able 2 create your own bubbles

great game!

very fun and creative game and i love the music!