Reviews for "Defend Atlantis"

Nice concept

Fair enough, it was another Defence Game, but this had a nice unique twist to it. Was fun, but a little easy.


Fun, but too easy. The poison and shrinking bubbles were funny, but you could make a tiny bubble in the center of an item and it would work fine. There should be some cost of using the higher tier bubbles that makes you need to use reg bubbles more often, or a more cut and dry rock paper scissors system.

Nice idéa

Remember playing this game a long time ago. Thought it was a great idé of an game actually. Tho I wont give you ful stars couse it was a little bit to short.

No point in using the other bubbles.

I beat the enire game only using metal bubbles after I unlocked it.

Overall good but short.

Was good, could have had different bubbles. Maybe not so many focusing on the divers. Also it should'nt stop right after you get all the upgrades. Somewhat addicting, played it a few times.