Reviews for "Defend Atlantis"


steel bubbles own all the bad guys...


i couldnt even get past level one

Very fun!

This is a pretty great defense game! I like the concept that you're protecting the Lost City of Atlantis (Makes me think back to that animated movie they made). The idea of having different bubbles to utilize for different situations is very neat nad helpful. It is a bit easy, not that I'm complaining but maybe if you decide to make a second one, make it ever so slightly more challenging. The music is very fitting and suited for the situation and just about gets you pumped up to keep going. Apart from the difficulty of the game, I think you can improve how you make the bubble, like instead of drawing it, maybe you click and hold the mouse down until it's the right size that you want? Overall this is a fantastic game that I'm sure I'll be replaying sometime soon. I only gave you a 9 because of the over easiness with which you can make it throughout the game. Awesome work!

good but easy

This game is a nice idea and executed in a nice way. It is too easy though and only the metal bubble is really useful.

Very fun and unique

Somtimes I may be doing something on the computer, and then I think of this game and all of a sudden I want to play it. Very addicting, medium graphics, for around 11+up. Very nice job on this.