Reviews for "Defend Atlantis"

Didn't enjoy it much

It sounded like a fun game but the bubbles were really annoying because they were really slow and more things just kept falling down.

Lots of fun.

This was fun. Drawing the bubbles can be a little hard at first, but eventually you realise all you need to do is have the line end at the start, doesn't even need to look like a circle. I used my graphics tablet to play, which made more fun. Though it was a little short and I'm not sure if dragging out the levels or the length would really make it any better.

good game

i thought it was really good! there should have been a way of scoring or money involved so you have to buy the upgrades, but a good game

Good concept,

I like the different types of bubbles but the game overall is just too hard for me to find it fun.

horrible game

make it so you just have to click to create bubbles. Might actually make this game half fun.