Reviews for "Defend Atlantis"

Very fun, must play!

I had a lot of fun playing this game. Graphics were very good, a pleasure to look at. Style was completely original, very well made. Sounds were perfect for the type of game. Violence was perfect, not too much, not too little. Interactivity was great, sizing your own bubbles was fun. It was rather funny, defending the city with bubbles, so I gave it a 5 in humor. Overall I gave it a 10, and have added it to my favourite games.

Pretty good

Listen this was great and i loved it but 1 thing was awkward the steel bubbles were like boom! the should have been one of the last bubbled you get. All in all this game was pretty good.

the steel bubbles were to good

it was a nice made game but the steel bubble things were a bit overpowered...
why do you wanna kill those divers, you could just use a steel bubble and all will be ok, no mines or bombes stopping it...
those steel things were really lame...

yea dude

dude i really didnt like this game boring i beat it in like a minute

nerf the hell outa metal bubbles they r the best and nothign else needs to be used make another maybe i will give it a better review


Really fun game -- I kind of developed a relationship with the Atlantis dude. I lapped up his praise like mother's milk.

Switching between bubble-types was super fun, although there was never any reason to use anything but metal-bubbles. You should nerf metal bubbles -- like make them pop after three seconds or cost more air.

Otherwise awesome.