Reviews for "Defend Atlantis"

it was okay, nothing too grand,

it was short, very short, i enjoyed the different kinds of bubbles, though all were not all useful, the metal and shrinking bubbles were the most useful. also, far too short. wishing for more content


This game is OK, it gets boring after a while.

too easy!

all u really need is the metal bubble, then it's easy from then on
overall: not too fun, but it's entertaining for a while

Hey pretty good

Hey not a bad game. A bit short though. And once you get the crushing bubbles, the game gets a bit too easy. I suggest making the exploding and shockwave bubbles a bit stronger to make em really worth it.

Still, though. It's fun.

quite good

new type of way to defend your city! use bubbles!
not all its cracked up to be is it?
still quite good
but...not my style