Reviews for "Mount Newground"


But it didn't flow as smoothly as "The Red Line". There were lots of glitches and skips in the music. But overall, still very nice. I give it a "4".

SirNightOwl responds:

Yeah, the quality was put to a high standard :)
Thanks for the 4!

Failed to be consistent

This flash was good but failed to be as consistent as the red line. Also there were some really bad animation problems. Next time use better animation, and make a more specific concept or specific rules as some stuff just wasn't right (a mountain city at 70 ft?)

SirNightOwl responds:

A mountain city at 70ft? It is a bit crazy.
Tank men at the top? Crazier still.
If it offends you we can always change it to have realistic attributes. So it would be a plain mountain perhaps a bit of snow. Maybe a goat. and then you'd give us ten? for realism?

hats off to all who worked hard in this collab.

The song was brilliant and I liked the end-reveal and the peak animation, but there just didn't seem to be as high a standard of creativity as in the Red Line.

I really liked Memb's - nice use of custom brushes.

There were a few other pictures that were really technically accomplished. However, many of them seemed like pictures that had little or nothing to do with the mountain and would work equally well if the mountain was replaced with, say, a house, an abstract plane or a grassy field or whatever.

It was somewhat enjoyable to watch though and hats off to all who worked hard in this collab.

SirNightOwl responds:

Cheers, the quality of some of the entries was lacking, but we specified from the start that everyone could join, so we kind of shot ourselves in the foot a little bit. But yeah Memb's entry was cool.

A pretty exciting mountain

Climbing up to the top is just another way to show the talent that radiates from the art forum. An interesting mix of smart, humerous and complexing art visuals from a range of talented individuals.

I hope to see more.

SirNightOwl responds:

It's amazing how great the Art Forum people are. Everyone should drop by once in a while. You can see ToasT's rants at other people's rants. It's quite funny! and there's some artwork or something :D
Creature of the week (C.O.W) is always worth a look!

Just WOW!

This movie is really great.

And where have I seen that Heinrich drawing before..... hmmmm I wonder. Ah well it's still great!

SirNightOwl responds:

Thank you :D

Your review is pretty great too ^^