Reviews for "Mount Newground"


enjoyed this piece. watched it all the way through. watched it again and paused at each segment. well done, but not as seamless as the red line. seeing dora on the mountain did make me laugh. good work

SirNightOwl responds:

No, we did have a couple of issues with the 'flow' of the flash, since I've got a new pc now it works seemlessly for me, we were only rookies at the time this was created ^^

I'm glad you liked it, I shall save a place for you in heaven!
Meet me up at bikini beach, we can be voyeurs for the day, not actually wearing bikinis together, erm...yeah....hoo-ray!

Not that great.

I mean coming from such a great masterpiece as the red line, I was expecting a lot out of this submission, and what I got was a lackluster submission. I mean it wasn't bad, but I mean, it wasn't great ether. The submission itself seemed to be a bunch of random drawing pasted together, which would have been great, had the drawings all been made well, which they weren't. Not something I liked.

SirNightOwl responds:

The red line was great! But thank you for being honest I'm just sorry you didn't appreciate it though :D

But I still love you.


Such a long time ago... Looking back on it, I've improved a LOT! This drawing was crap. I remember the annoying greyish background I never really bothered to fix it 100 procent... ^^

I'm sorry I didn't nominate this thread for the Art Forum Award.

SirNightOwl responds:

It's ok no worries :D
We're just happy we managed to get Frontpaged!

Lots of people have got better, the collab was made in early days for the art forum and who knows what the future holds eh? :D

Thanks for the great review


OMG this is awesome!!

Sound 10 - the music was brilliant

Style 10 - all these drawings, and the idea of them climbing up mt newgrounds... WEWT

Violence 3 - some of the drawings had violence

Humer 10 - some of the drawings made me laugh my head off

Graphics 10 - some good drawings & animations there


SirNightOwl responds:

Thank you very much :D


completely forgot i did this nice to look back on it though ...good times lol

SirNightOwl responds:

Indeed it was. Turkeyonastick saids 'HiiiiiI!' by the way