Reviews for "Mount Newground"

All my 10 r go 2 this!

Never better. Great work u have there. 10/10, 5/5

SirNightOwl responds:

You are a man who has a great opinion of things.
I'll send you a cookie through the mail.

that was cool

hey he i would like to be in collaboration if you do another want hope you call if there's other one cuz really want to be in it great pictures see ya

SirNightOwl responds:

It might be sooner than you think ;)

Really cool

That was really nice, are you planning to do any other art collab?

SirNightOwl responds:

I keep getting ideas for another collab, but since the art forum collabs got excessively used a lot of bad collabs came out and so I'd have to think of something quite exceptional to do for another collab.

We'll have to wait and see :)


I MUST collaborate whit one of this collabs... contact me if you want one artist...
And this should had more score... really... i totaly gave a 5 to this.

SirNightOwl responds:

We'll be sure to get in touch if we have another collab :D

Thanks for the 5 :)

Awesome + some more awesome

pretty awesome i must admit.

I liked this a lot.

I'd say half of these weren't that good.

A lot of these made really sick pictures though, i had my jaw dropped on some

SirNightOwl responds:

Yeah there was some amazing stuff in there.

Glad you liked it :)

P.S: Do you think that some not so good submissions just helped the better ones look even better? Interesting eh? =D