Reviews for "Mount Newground"


wow, you added my picture! Thx! :)
My sig screwed up though :)

SirNightOwl responds:

No worries ;)

Damn I almost contributed.

Cool outcome, didn't expect it to come out that well, some were funny too. Good work.

SirNightOwl responds:

Well next time don't hesitate, you would have been more than welcome :D

Glad I could be a part!

I'm pleased at what we've done, good job my friend :]

SirNightOwl responds:

I'm pleased you joined :)

Very nice indeed.

This was a very great collab and I'm really glad I'm part of it. The drawings were very amazing, and it was cool to look at everone's unique styles. It was really cool to see my pics and name in the credits.


SirNightOwl responds:

Thanks for your part, and the cool review ;)

YAY! Whooo!

A great collab and I'm in it! Unbelievable!
Nice choice of music, btw. This has to get front page. Otherwise, Tom Fulp is ... you know what I mean.

Great! Keep up the good work Turkey and Owl!

SirNightOwl responds:

Well we did get front page :)
Thanks for your support!