Reviews for "Mount Newground"

Holy shit!

I didnt thougth that the project would last for a good while on the art forum, until i just found out that it has been set on a flash... just amazing , i thought that topic would just die off after a couple of days. Now i even regret that i didnt join the thread because i do art T.T *Sigh* Next stop, Art Forum!!

SirNightOwl responds:

I know, everyone's very happy about the publicity the art forum is getting now, and special thanks to Heretik with his Red Line thread, hopefully this will bring more talent to the art forum, and now we have brought about a whole new Art Forum Collab section to Newgrounds, we can really start to see some nice work! :)

Could be better, probably needs a bit more time...

I agree a few of the points that cannibal made. (BTW, canibal, the artist you're referring to was eternal decent, I believe)

Some was good, quite a bit was bad... Too many people went with stick figures, and a few even pulled it off pretty well, but the overall was still sub-par. It was good for a watch, but I doubt that it's going to go very far.


SirNightOwl responds:

I think you underestimated a lot of it, there were some entries which were no where near the quality of others, but it was a community project and allowed everyone to join in, no matter their skill level, and i wouldn't have changed it :)
The people who werent particularly good had a chance to be part of something, and I'm glad they did, because they are as bigger part of newgrounds as everyone else :D

Good idea, poor execution.

I think it was a great idea, but it would have been much better if you had made it interactive - you should have put in arrows so the viewer could manually go up and down the mountain, instead of only showing each slide for a few seconds. Then we could skip over the ones we don't like and spend some time looking at our favorites without having to pause or replay the whole movie.

SirNightOwl responds:

Yeah that would have been great actually, if we make another ever, we wil put arrows in for ya :D

red line was better

like i said, the red line was better. not really much to say about this. uhmm... catchy song.

SirNightOwl responds:

I think everyone who was part of the mountain like the red line, and it definitely inspired the creation of a collab for me ;)


You reached front page, guys! Congrats! Shame you didn't include any of Dezimo's good pictures in though >:( And most of those pics were shite compared to Dez's, so... lol

SirNightOwl responds:

Yeah tell me 'bout it!
I loved lots of Dez'sworks, he did post quite a few entries, but the MSpaint burning one had me in hysterics, I wish we'd of included that!