Reviews for "Mount Newground"

I was at first disappointed by how there were only 140 feet left. I was overjoyed to find out that you just showed the end of the mountain on the way back. I don't think this is high enough for a mountain. I just loved the set up. Why wasn't it Mount Newgrounds? Oh, I'm being too nitpicky.

It's hard to remember anything as there were so many parts. I certainly can't remember any of the names. My favorite might have been the woman's face. Some of it looked a little shoddy. It's still great.

i like dat

i saw this when it first came out and loved it, i come back once or twice a yr to watch it again, try to do a second one, great work dudes


Once it started going it started getting really good......also I like these art collabs..not much people do them :T


If you could make even more! This is a great idea great art great music (it's from LittleBigPlanet) and the peak part was great! Would like to see more!

SirNightOwl responds:

:D would be interesting!


I really enjoy open ended art/animation collabs like this and the Red Line. Nice variety of things, and sure not all of the pieces were the greatest drawings ever but overall the effect was good, and the time and effort and coordination to put ANY kind of collab together is something to be respected.

SirNightOwl responds:

Thank you very much :3