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Reviews for "Rolley-Ball"

Best game i've seen this year

Pretty amazing, loved how you didn't take it too seriously and made a very fun and enjoyable game. The controls were easy and fun to use, and the levels were challengin but fun, really liked it, a very well done game indeed

Jiggmin responds:

I was about to be proud of that "best game of the year" line, but then I remembered that it's Jan 12. Haha! Thanks mate. :)


I love this game and im looking forward for more of your work. =)

Jiggmin responds:

I had to look up what FTW meant, haha. Thanks!

Hard, but well programmed.

Personally, it wasn't my type of game. However, your programing skills were evident and the interface was slick. The game also was pretty.
Well done for a first 3-d game!


Usually these kind of games don' really interest me, except for this one, I didn't play very long because I'm in a rush, but I can see you put a hell of a lot effort into making this game, you've got my 5 =)

good but very hard

it was very hard but you can't hate it

i've been playing this on school for 2 hours
i usually download stuff to ruin the computers

Jiggmin responds:

Haha! Thanks.