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Reviews for "Rolley-Ball"

Its cool nothing special though

Its a little repetitive for my taste. The Bill Cosby voice is cool though.

Jiggmin responds:

Bill Cosby? Hehe, thanks for the review.

Good but hard

Very difficult, though good concept, idea and options. =S

Good concept...

But it's not for me. Too logical.

Hire an Illustrator

I don't understand how you could put so much effort into programming and then spend 12 seconds drawing the "ball" character with your left hand while drunk. Side note, how do I get corporate sponsorship for the junk I turn out? Never mind, don't care.

Jiggmin responds:

I thought the ball character was bad enough that it would be obvious it was a joke...

maybe it's just aimed at a different type of brain

The crazy announcer gives the game real personality.

3d stuff is mighty.

I thought a nicer graphic for the ball would work better.

I like the basic mechanics - a nice twist on the basic marble madness/spindizzy-type stuff.

I got to the level with the gravity fields and try as I might, just couldn't work out how to get through. I dunno... it seems like the game could maybe do more to 'train' me.

Or maybe it's just aimed at a different type of brain.