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Reviews for "Rolley-Ball"


Absolutely ingenious idea, the level named PANDA was kinda hard. I want a Rolley-Ball 2, and how about having changeable backgrounds? The graphics were smooth, and simple. Great job.

Jiggmin responds:

Thanks. They get way harder than panda, though!

Nice one

This was really cool, with all the 3d and stuff. It was really good, for a first time with 3d. The concept was nice too, and it was good that you put in an option whether you wanted to play it with the mouse or arrow keys, cause my arrow keys are broken(wtf?). Good job.


Fun. the levels with the 3 colors keeps the game quite intresting for a long period of time.

That was real, real good.

As I said above, That was real, real fun and addicting. I love this game. That graphics were pretty good and I always laughed at myself it I had to start over. =D


nice game

that was a very interesting and original game you got here. it was a little bit repetitive overall, but talk about addiciting... this one definitely kept me playing it for a long time.
nice work on this one.... after only playing this one for barely 20-30 seconds, i could sure see why it won an award.