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Reviews for "Rolley-Ball"


Absolutely ingenious idea, the level named PANDA was kinda hard. I want a Rolley-Ball 2, and how about having changeable backgrounds? The graphics were smooth, and simple. Great job.

Jiggmin responds:

Thanks. They get way harder than panda, though!

Much Better then that Cheap Plastic Toy Version.

Interesting quirks include stuff like not touch the walls, rolling over dots for bonus points, and rolling over switches to pass through specific color walls. I find controlling this 3-d rollerball maze to be quite innovative.

Jiggmin responds:

Thanks! The cheap plastic toy version is still fun, though. :P

really nice ^^^

This a very nice game, the graphics aregood (especially when you play it on fullscreen), the sound is nice, and the game-idea itself is very good, too ^^^


very fun and addicting game

Nice one

This was really cool, with all the 3d and stuff. It was really good, for a first time with 3d. The concept was nice too, and it was good that you put in an option whether you wanted to play it with the mouse or arrow keys, cause my arrow keys are broken(wtf?). Good job.