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Reviews for "Cosmic Crush"

I love you!

I've always wanted to play a game like this. It's fun and addicting, good job!

Room for expanding...

I loved the level mode, but it was far too short. You could add something like black holes. The survival mode doesn't have much to it, the small grey asteroids hardly ever spawn making it almost impossible to grow larger. Suns spawn way too often, and the gravity field is huge, if the screen was bigger, that would be great. A gravity pull indicator would be nice, too.

Overall great concept, loved playing it, but could use a few touch ups.

Awesome game

Very addicting, I keep playing it over and over again. Plus, it has really nice graphics, and the gameplay is very clean. Nice work!

well that was fun

a nice twist to the trophic games having gravity done for all parties. It's nice when the food comes to me!

difficult, but fun.

like another reviewer said, this is basically an intergalactic version of Fishy. I do like it a lot, though--very well done. I think this is a clever take on that kind of game. good work. :)