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Reviews for "Cosmic Crush"


good game but somtimes the planets will overlap and the force is imposible to escape. graphics are good but i for some reson find watching it gets really boring but you are really good at making games compared to me so keep making games.

Fun idea but not as interesting...

Well, I have now played it for a little time and found it quite boring actually. The graphics were good and all, but choppy (but it could be my own computer's fault) and the uninteresting... environment was not that fun. Okay, it is space! I know! But something more than stars and the darkness could make it more colourful and nice.

The game has potential but I am not one for these "brain-dead" games so I give it a seven because it lacked some few things... But! It isn't a bad game. Some others is likely going to like it but I am not one of them.


ur doing good, its a good game (make a nr. 2) but try to make the next(if u make 1) with a map or somthing for the lazy 1s.like me...anyway its a good game...

nice game!!

i thought this was actually a really good game...its really addictive but not enough levels...and other people have said this but, there needs to be more small planets and rocks...could make another game with rockets, spaceships, satilies? and other junk....but overall awsome game!!!

not bad, though it could use some adjustments

I was playing some games, and I stumbled across this. It is highly addictive, and fun, the only problems; not enough levels, not enough other smaller celestial bodies, and the size of the screen. the screen could use an exta maybe 100 pixels, and for levels maybe one to get into solar systems, galaxies, and universes(yes... plural). Overall very good, survival has the same problem as level mode: Not enough small junk.