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Reviews for "Seven Deadly Sins"

DDR game crashes

the DDR game in the bar always crashes the game - I'm running on Safari on new Pentium Macbook.

DissoluteProductions responds:

Hmm, how bizarre.
The ddr game has some faults but ive never seen it crash, but then Ive never been using that browser.

a very nice and fun game, defintily worth playing

i thought it was very fun and entertaining, the voiceing wasnt the greatest ever, but it was still better than a lot of stuff ive heard, overall i love this game

Holy crap, great!

One of the best games i've played! It was a great challenge, but not too hard! The only thing is, once you get really strong, the fights are too easy. Still, great job!!!

Oh, here's how you get lust(it's more complicated than the others):
First, get full looks and strength. Then give the Nobodies bar girl a leaf and condom. Then drink the absthines and a beer(i think)so your drunk bar is full. Then talk to the girl. Then, drink more. When you wake up, choose the girl with the highest lust bar(probably the middle).Find her, ask who she is, then say yes to the drink. Now, Aim your hand at the glasses and click. If you do perfect, you commited the sin.


Oh, man!!! That was the greatest flash game I,ve ever played! I loved the ending. Highway to Hell seriously fit that game. I really thank you for creating that game. I tried to skip dinner to beat it.


PLEASE MAKE MORE JUST LIKE THIS!!!!! If I could have thrown in some 11's I would have!