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Reviews for "Seven Deadly Sins"

The References Got Me

I was mightily impressed with the game overall, having accomplished many dating sims for my time. It was the references, however, that earned you a 5 out of 5 and a 10 overall. RPG World Comic's "Times are Tough" Guy was the ultimate - I have the shirt. Good music picks for the end and the gym...as the video for said song tied well into the midset of what the gym as trying to accomplish. For lust, unfortunately, there wasn't even a shadow animation of accomplishment? The drinking game was rather tough, I should say. Maybe as an improvement, the binoculars could be used elsewhere for easter eggs - your imagination can utilize them further. More references, it was THAT touch of genius that captivated me! Maybe some Strong Bad or 8-bit Theatre, GPF or Sinfest comics. Excellent job, jolly good show.


This game is so great, I will play this alot...I Rated it 5 and added it to my favorites. :) I love all of your games.


I normally don't like english toons and games...i don't know,they're never brutal and stuff,but whatever.
HOWEVER...this game is amazing...i had fun..it looked cool,voice acting was off the hook and the main character reminded me of Manny from "The black book store"-one of my favorite shows.
Really good work man,really-really good work.

Thumbs up

Yo boi' Elfiz the Kid


i luv this game it took me a couple of times to figure out how to get lust but i did it an i didnt expect the devil well i idnt expect a guy i beat up was the devil

great game

ok here is what to do
first build up some streghth to olpyian and fight the guy for his binoculars

1st sin take the binoculars at night to the mainson to playa minigame and go where the light is turned on. when done you get the envy sin.

2nd sin go to work and keep getting the bonus. then eventually youwill get to fire you college for cash.then you get the greed sin

3rd this can be done any time but go to sleep without doing anything you'll get the sloth sin

4th sin got to the resturant and eat fat in jug untilyou throwup to get gluttony

5thget your looks up to max to compete in the male of the day contest and win to get the pride

6th keep talking to one girl until you have to chose one.pick the highest one . next time you talk to her you got for drinks.drink eveything without breaking cups to get the lust sin

7th last one go to nobody's inn and talk to the guy you bet you couldn't do the 7 sins.say you not very good.he'll insult you. thensay i know.he will continue insulting then chose attack beat him for the last one wrath