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Reviews for "Seven Deadly Sins"

This games hilarious :)

ac f yeah :)

This game is really easy once you get the hang of it.

"Crappy Walkthrough"(SPOILER, duh)

Envy- Go to the woods, don't like nature... after that, go to the building to the right, click the goggles...

Pride- Win the beauty contest. Only available at night. Get 30 beauty to make it easy.

Gluttony- Eat hamburguers after having more than enough health

Sloth- Easy, spam sleeping with energy full untill you get it

Greed- On your job, after getting the final promotion, fire your workbuddy

Wrath- Go to Nobody in, talk to the guy, click the first option on every thing...

Lust- Get the highest lustometer with one of the girls then click "how are you". Just focus on one t
to make it easier. Giving gifts helps a lot.

I couldn't help but think that Ed looked a lot like Jesus. I assume that was part of the joke. Anyway, this is actually a really good game. The weird thing is that while the graphics themselves were not that good, they were actually pretty well laid out. It's a bit hard to put into words, but everything just fit together pretty well. It shouldn't be that hard to sin.

I appreciate you having an interesting way of the characters moving. It's nice to see how far you can get with this. I already fired everyone at work, I must be getting far. While it's mostly a mundane setting, it's really a bizarre game. It's weird to want to do bad and end up doing good.

im stairway to heaven