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Reviews for "Seven Deadly Sins"

I can't believe I won this on the first try. It took me the entire fortnight, but I did it. Even though the animation kind of sucks, it's a creative, entertaining, and mildly funny game. And that ending... Unexpected, to say the least.

I love this game. Simple and entertaining, but I would LOVE to see a sequel.

This game needs to be Re-Made. I like the idea but what holds it back is how hard the game is, Since this game is from 2007 i let it pass but not much. the voice acting is good but it could have been better. nice set of music that was in this game. how the game looks could have been better too.

That's all i can say about the game. Overall: Not bad. :)

Why is it so hard? I commit most of these on a daily basis. The envy one was frustrating as hell, and the women in these games must be stuck up to not settle for a manager. This game was needlessly hard and unrealistic.