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Reviews for "Seven Deadly Sins"

Loved it!

Nice game I like it, but definitely not the easiest point and click game.

From easiest to hardest in my opinion :

Sloth : Go to your house and sleep 2 days in a row.

Gluttony : Buy burger and eat it, repeat until you vomit it.

Wrath : Go to Inn. Talk with man sitting in counter. Choose "I'm not very good at ths", then choose "I know", then choose "Attack" and kill him.

Greed : Keep working(and doing it good) in office until your trainer ask you if you want to fire your friend for money?
Choose that option and get the money as well as the greed sin.

Lust : Choose one girl, the easiest is the one who want a god job and fresh legs..
1. Go to work office and play the game until you get trained into manager.
2. Get drunk by buying beers and drink it.
3. Talk with the girl and choose How are you, then choose yes.
4. At the scene with her, grab her boobs.
The other girl I haven't tried.

Pride : Get "25 or more look point" by go to barber shop and keep get haircut. Go to gym and workout (not sure if this is necessary, seems not necessary). After that at night, go to bar and join Male competition.
Male Competition :
Stage 1 : Point is determined by your look point. Get it high by haircut at berber shop if you horrible at playing DDR.
Stage 2 : Answer the question. Choose the positive oriented answer you think it is good.
Stage 3 : Play DDR. Train it at bar if you must. Get 550+ point is good.
If you win, Pride sin will be achieved.

Envy : Go to Forest, talk with man and choose No love, kill him. Go to mansion and choose binocular
There are 6 windows, peek at the one which light is ON, will swap at certain time. A bit hard but with some luck and training you will be able to do it. There's time limit too.

How do you get lust and pride i got all the others?

It's hard to get some of the sins. Envy was fairly easy compared to the others.

I like it. It was pretty fun.