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Reviews for "Seven Deadly Sins"


dude this was liike the ultimate game on newgrounds!


that was a great game!!!

great game i beat it!

whats the song when u enter the gym?

cheaTERS are winers!!

heres how you do it 7 sins are 1gluttony 2pride 3envy 4lust 5wrath 6greed 7sloth
to do sloth keep sleeping il it sez uve done it

to do gluttony keep eating at the tak away shop til you puke

to do lust beat up guy in foest then take binoculars sock and leaf give sock nd leaf to girl u love and have full lustometer go out of the shop choose her then o back in grab 1 drink then grab her boobs after you say how are you shesez u want to ge a drink say yes then do it

to do pride win daily male in night disco club

to do greed keep getting promotions then u get a promotion after manager and agree to fire your colleage for the £50 bonus

to do envy go to rich persons house cick on binoculars then kepp looking at them til it sez uve done it

to do wrth beat up the guy who bets you cant commit the sins say you havent done them cuz your not very god he sez u suck then u say i know then he sez you uck suckitty suck click on attack(work out in gym till u get to olympian first) (kills him in 4-5 hits)beat him up
then you say i commited the sins and he say well done your reward is (enternal damnation) you hear acdc highway to hell then credits well done youve beaten the game!!!!!!!!.


i LOVED THIS! especially the ending.

-"eternal damnation!!"

this was amazingly fun!