Reviews for "Socklops"

Frivolously godlike

Marry me old chap.

A Deserving 10

To Mr. D.F

Oh dear, I don't know how to start. Hmm. Okay, the first thing I assumed, (and never assume) when watching this, was that it was going to end up being just another deeply disturbing, rant of the mind. While watching through, I discovered that it was not in fact, just another firth film, it was, to say the least... magnificent. I can't begin to imagine how difficult it would be to create a peice this absolutely stylish, witty, dark and complex, yet simple and soothing at the same time.

nearing the end, the main character, or narrator decides to touch his hip bones, in order to shrink himself. When watching this, i couldn't help to think about alice and wonderland. I'm fairly sure the creator of Alice was on acid, and if you, my friend...were not on acid, i'd be forced to say that you are one smart Mother F***ing Cookie. Or you're brain fried, either / or. The one thing I loved about this scene, was the amounts of shivers I got, when I thought about everything there is to be thought about and the vastness of everything that could be possibly thought about, and I'm sure others feel the same when they watch that part, it's inspiration in a barrel, it's candy and I'm a kid.

One last thing I'd like to say before I finish and you don't read this review, you grow old apart from me, and we die two very stylish but completely seperate and irrelivant deaths, is that I love your ability to attract people that write decent things about your work. Yeah, sure, you do get some people saying stuff like "wow, your insane" and "whoah this is dark, lollololololol". But you do actually, once in a blue moon, or once every few reviews in this case, get someone who was either truely touched by your mind or felt uplifted and inspired to create like I did.

I'm tired, it's 5:10 Am, theres Sonic booms and white light outside, just like there is in my head. Time to wrap it up

Graphics 10: God smite me, it's superb.
Style 10: [Picture of man with sun glasses]
Sound 9: Smooth, calming music. Situationally stimulating.
Violence 7: touch of tomato sauce here and there
Interactivity 0: Interactivity can go suck one.
Humor 2: I didn't laugh, but it was comical.

OVERALL 10: My fellow human, if anyone deserves a salute, it's you...for making this flash. I will be completely honest here and say that for once I am not giving this a 10, because I'm a fan of your work, or just because you deserve thanks for your work. I'm rating it on how it is made up. In my opinion, the only thing's that should be overlooked in a flash is the graphics, style and sound. Even then, that wouldn't be the appropriate cattegories for rating a flash my way. You'd need one single factor to rate it my way, and that factor would be the one that makes me feel different physically, the one that uplifts and makes you think. The real noggin penetrator, the real thing, the Radar that points to creations of pure bliss and submerged dark. the real rarities of a mind and the gut of the iceberg.

You, Mr. Firth...have done it. Congratulations.


interesting.. very interesting.


What a strange movie, it was really captivating. When I finished watching it I felt as if I just woke up from a dream, how bizarre.

You are an amazing story teller, good job.

My brain melted... like cheese.

Gooey cheese, such as one would find in a crepe... if one desired it cheese-filled. You can also put berries in crepes, berries from the special patch... or jelly, or apples, or meats of sorts found in recipes.

Thanks to the "David Firth Diet", I'm 100% insane and living every day in delusional rapture. :D

Another surreal masterpiece by the master of the truly bizarre.