Reviews for "Socklops"

I wish I could get good dreams

If you take a literal meaning from it, then it is an inconsistency. But he may just mean that he has gotten so small that being big would be pointless.%uFEFF In fact, as I write this I realize that all of his childhood dreams have erupted, so life cant get any better so its pointless to enlarge. I dont think this is what Firth meant, its all so suppose to be a dream, but such an interpretation is there.

Not a dream.

I Over Dosed last week, and when I blacked out thats how I saw it, you feel like your a inanimate object and you forget to move, breath, and see, then you slowly, only way to remember is to try to pass through it, but if yew didn't try you'd fade away. then you'll slowly remeber but the whole time theres a flashing lights in your eyes of bright colors and you can see again.

Well..thats what happened to me & I can relate off hand to this video.


It might have an unundersatndable sense. Anyway I liked that part when the scientist said "You only thought that. What came out of your mouth was this:". That was really weird...


Speechless this is one of those thing's that causes me to feel..kind of empty as if somthing's missing in life although there probably is i try to stay off these topic's to prevent confusion. Keep it up.

Sequel Plox

Please make a Socklops 2. I really want to know how far he gets with in the yellow ball. *o*