Reviews for "Socklops"

you just made my day

though not my favourite of the socks (sock 3), it was great
on it's own...the shrinking part is something that iv'e thought about
for most of my life and you portrayed the idea with charm...did he go past the plank length?(1.6 x 10-35 m)

fair enough..

that's kinda sick but it's original and it's a good work. I think you could do better on the plot. but still , you've got skill for the flash :)

Doki responds:

It's supposed to be a bit like a dream. My dreams don't usually have well-rounded plots.


Very decent drawings, your style can be taken as shallow or deep as the viewer might like, perfect voice acting and funny in parts.


good show

you made me think, and not just me, i can see you made other people think aswell, ingenious, you could go a long way
sometimes, i sit there with my eyes closed for no reason, and watch the things i see, and what i belive to be the particles and atoms that make up my eye lids and skin, i too, have seen many yellow hoops, against the darkness of my eye lids, ten they drift, and form and change into different shapes and colours, blue webs, brownish blocks, and sometimes pure darkness

thank you, you made my day, relising that i am not the only person


If I ever get to make stuff as good as this, I'll die a contented man.