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Reviews for "Stunt Bike Draw"


god jobb

Bad Sprites

Pretty funny, but the interface is not so good. The graphics are cheap and the gameplay a little stupid.

A tiny bit over Average ;P

I liked it it was fun to create your own ramps and stuff. i liked the menu screen to :3. It would have been fun if you could variate the game a little more. the physics was 4/10, graphics 7/10, Creative 8/10. Level Variation 8/10. You should use a later physics engine create some player customizing and the camera should be variated. the zoom was terrible and you should be able to control your driver a little better.

strongly disagree

It's a good game, needs improvement but it is very good, won the game, preety hard, in any case I think it is good


it's a great idea for a game, but the game itself is awful for alot of reasons many of them already mentioned by other users.