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Reviews for "Stunt Bike Draw"

This Makes Poop Look Good

Horrible Graphics, yet somewhat amusing because it's strange. But I have to admit this is worse than trying to be good at Bowman 2 (Impossible game made by "freeworldgroup"). I gave it a 2 because of how I was somewhat amused and the other vote because I feel sorry that somebody made up this game.


The landing half the time is impossiple it just glitches then you wipe out it need better graphics and more explanation wtf are thost jumping things that you jump over ??? so all and all it sucked

Pretty Bad.

Poor graphics
Bad game


HARD AS HELL TO BEAT, but overall a good game! try for better graphics next time though.

Its great!. Needs improvement but is fun.

it would be better if there was upgrades or something like that. btw there is a lot of ways to luagh and have fun. dont be negative and try to act like a 7 year old and u will have more fun :)