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Reviews for "Stunt Bike Draw"


Did this even make it on the site. The controls are ok because it's just mouse controls but that's all you control. Let the user maybe control how the biker is going to come down on the other ramp instead of leaving it up to the gods of randomness. Glitching and annoying music don't help it's matters any.

Its alright

btw hrgh5050 bowman 2 is the most fun 2 player game on the internet but i give this game a 5 because its graphics are alright and its fun to crash all the time


try harder its to hard on easy


this game is crap, but you will get better.
keep practicing.

a good game

this game is a good game, i don't know why 7 year old baby's are complaning. the reason its glitching is because you make the ramps yourself, and as for the bad graphics and gameplay every single game has has alot of time and work into them. fancy making a game that took ages to make then find out that people hate it, that's not good guys