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Reviews for "Stunt Bike Draw"


it's okay but he flips automaticly so i mess up.

love it

i love it well i dont really love it its awsome


this game is old and goood ihave fun plaing it

Eh... dont quit your day job.

Daily 3rd Place I think you must have paid someone to get that honestly because this game rivals a epileptic child going crazy with paint and a movie animator program. This isn't a game i'd really reccomend to anyone, its poorly made and looks like it was scraped toghether in about 5 min. I'd reccomend putting more time and effort into your next game if you make another one this one should have been more user friendly, because in the state it is right now you'd have to really mess with it for a while to just play normally aside from the spontaneous glitches you find while just doing basic stuff.

Not very good..

Glitching out is very easy to do, in which you may lose your hardly-worked-on track. Alien models aren't good, and Aliens weren't a good idea for a bike riding game. Animations are quite choppy.

No offence to the creator, but I bet if you're a fan of Bike riding games more than I am, you might enjoy it.