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Reviews for "Stunt Bike Draw"

good execpt

on the sixth jump i would get over the fire, and land well and then two seconds after I got off my landing ramp, when i was already stable on the pavement for a while, i would fall over and i could not beat the level

Nice game

Cool game, man

freeworldgroup responds:



The linerider based game is somewhat new and in it's developing stages. While this is true, the formula has been used successfully before, and games like this aren't going to get the garner any respect.

Graphics: Decent, though nothing all that spectacular... Not much else to say about it. I've seen better from Free World Group.

Style: Extremely generic. Check any motocross game from since flash was created... You get the idea. However, I thought that the girters below the platforms you drew was a nice touch.

Sound: Okay... I'm an armchair composer, so I tend to judge a little harshly when it comes to soundtracks, one-off game or not. The music was pretty typical of this sort of thing, and also extremely annoying.

Violence: Your character hits the ground if you don't finish the line, and since the game doesn't give you the option of erasing or restarting, but instead moves the screen forward CUTTING OFF YOUR LINE, that happens fairly often.

Interactivity: There are some serious gameplay issues here, ones that need to be addressed before games like this hit front page, Tom. As I've mentioned before, there is no erase or restart option. The levels are hardly innovative, as it seems to just add another obstacle each time, and glitches abound. However, I did like the idea of having a line that represented your last draw.

Humor: I guess black Jar Jar Binks with purple blood are supposed to be funny... But I'm just not laughing.

freeworldgroup responds:

hmmm thanks, harsh, but fair enough. Not sure about the glitches - everything works exactly as we want it to.


it reminded me of a game called "paintball"
i liked the idea..the grapics lack, the sound was good but anoying after 20 miunutes. it was faily interractive, and i found it funny as hell..
where did you think of alines to use?

freeworldgroup responds:

thanks... used aliens because I like them - they are good to squash.

Gah! Fatal Error!

It was great (maybe abit more variable or control over the bike would have been better) but there is a fatal glitch where hitting GO only causes you to lose a life instantly

freeworldgroup responds:

hmmm - not sure what you mean by glitch - you are meant to lose a life if you fall. Thanks : - )